Fine Art Reproduction

Your Masterpiece Remade

Reproduce photographs, paintings and any type of flat artwork. A digital file (up to 72 MB) will be created from just about any size original artwork. Our technical specialist will determine the optimum lighting to reproduce your artwork, then detailed adjustments are made to get it just right. We suggest then having a Giclée print made for a beautiful reproduction of your original.

  • In-lab time is 2-4 working days
  • No copyrighted material will be reproduced without written permission from the copyright holder.
  • Same-day or while-you-wait services are available by appointment only and will incur an extra charge.


Flatbed scans can be made from flat artwork in print form or transparency up to 11″x 17″ in size. Images can be saved as JPG or TIFF files.

  • In-lab time is approximately 24 hours, based on number of images & size of scans
  • Maximum size of original is 11″x 17″
  • Prices include flash drive

GICLEE Printer

Fine Art archival pigment ink, perfect for reproducing fine art and photography. We color calibrate each image to create the perfect masterpiece.

  • Lustre
  • Glossy
  • Metallic
  • Canvas
  • Fine Art
  • Watercolor
  • Hahnemuhle

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